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May 18, 2023

TCB is pleased to share the news that the 3 Jerome Smith Road was granted a funding award from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). 3 Jerome Smith was 1 of 27 projects that was awarded funding in a very competitive application round. This important milestone allows to project to proceed to closing and construction start, with a goal of starting construction in spring 2024.

The DHCD press release is here:

TCB will be hosting a hybrid abutter/community meeting on Wednesday, June 14th at 5pm to provide updates on the project. Information is below:

Hybrid Abutter/Community Meeting

Wednesday, June 14th at 5pm at the

VMCC Multipurpose Room, 2 Mayflower Street or via Zoom.

Zoom link: or this link:

Summary of 3 Jerome Smith Road Housing Project process

TCB has held and attended numerous meetings with the Community and Abutters of 3 Jerome Smith Road since February 2021. The team received positive feedback from the Select Board and community, supporting the proposed design, program, and density as a critical step to helping address the housing crisis in Provincetown.

In September 2022, TCB presented the project to the Provincetown Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and was granted zoning approval in October 2022.

In January 2023 TCB submitted an application to Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) requesting State funding for the project. In advance of the DHCD application, TCB presented a proposed unit mix change to the Select Board. TCB has proposed that 4 of the 60% AMI units become 30% AMI units and that the 16 units targeted for 80-120% AMI households, be capped at 80% AMI. This change enables the project to earn Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) on the 80% AMI units by utilizing the LIHTC Average Income Test (AIT) rule and thereby unlocking approximately $3MM in additional federal funds and equity. This change is essential to funding a budget gap and enabling the project to move forward to construction start in early 2024.

DHCD made an announcement on May 18th that the 3 Jerome Smith Road project was approved for its soft loan and federal and state low-income housing tax credit request. With this approval of funding, the project can continue forward with the hopes to start construction in Spring 2024.

Estimated Project Schedule

2022Early 2022 – Initial community engagements/input Summer 2022 – Zoning process begins Fall 2022 – Applications for local funding sources
2023Early 2023 – Application for State funding
Summer 2023 – State funding award
2024Spring 2024 – Closing and Construction Start
2025/2026End of 2025 – Construction Completion; Lottery; and Lease-Up

Archived Project Updates

APRIL 2022: In response to abutter comments and concerns, TCB has revised our plans to help address some of the abutters concerns. The updated plan eliminates the one-way vehicular drive onto Captain Bertie’s Way and replaces it with a pedestrian path at that location. The updated plan also reorients the 2 buildings to improve buffering and adjacency with abutting properties, and creates 10 additional parking spaces on site. These changes address many of the concerns raised by abutters while still ensuring the project meets the larger community’s needs for affordable housing. This updated configuration was presented to abutters at the April 27 virtual meeting and again on July 21 to share the landscape and buffering plan. Additional details of the process and schedule can be found below, under Next Steps.

Updated Site Plan

Presentation from July 21, 2022 Community and Abutter Meeting: